Online Resources That Make You Smarter for Free

learn new things online free


Khan Academy: An online resource allowing to learn anything for free –¬† over 3,000 videos and hundreds of skills, we cover a massive number of topics, including K-12 math, biology, chemistry, physics, and even economics and art history.

TED-Ed: Education initiative. Our mission is to capture and amplify the voices of great educators and students around the world.

ASAP Science: A resource created to help you understand the science in your own life.


Deeps Sky Videos: A Youtube channel with series of films about stuff in space. In particular videos about all the Messier objects.

MinutePhysics: A great Youtube channel on physics and other science created by Henry Reich, who is currently resident at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Science Channel: A Youtube channel questioning everything and letting you learn about outer space, leading scientific exploration, new technology, earth science basics, & more.

Veritasium: Created to deliver the most interesting science and engineering videos as is humanly possible.


Crash Course: An intensive course on world history presented by John Green covering 15,000 years of human civilization.

Intelligent Channel: An entertainment & education platform dedicated to enlightened nonfiction programming, including conversations with leaders from the worlds of politics, journalism, history, technology, entertainment, & the arts.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: One of the world’s largest and finest art museums. Presents dozens of special exhibitions each year, as well as a variety of events and programs, including films, lectures, concerts, guided tours, talks, and family programs.



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