Seven Books You Should Read

Do you like to curl up with a book to read? Can’t decide which book you should invest your time in reading? Here are seven excellent books for your list. They range from fiction, literature, and nonfiction.

The Phantom TollBooth

This delightful story is about a young boy named Milo whose life changes from boredom to adventure. After he finds a magical tollbooth, he jumps into a different world. The author creates a world filled with magicians, royalty, and demons. Published in the early 60s, the Phantom Tollbooth is a classic which will draw in the reader to keep reading regardless of age. The Phantom Tollbooth offers interesting characters such as the Tock, a literal watchdog. The book has a unique and creative way of language.

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)

You’ll love all the books in this series. Cinder, the one that started the series, is a skilled mechanic who happens to be a cyborg. A second-class citizen, Cinder’s problem multiplies after being blamed for her stepsister illness. Filled with action, science fiction, romance, mystery, Cinder is caught up in a web of secrets and a truth that changes her world. The Lunar Chronicle offers many reasons to read the standalone book, including a novel way of reading about classic fairy tales. Cinder is Cinderella retold only with a cyborg as Cinderella. All the females lead characters in the Lunar Chronicles series are kick-ass characters. You’ll stay hooked until the end of the book and want to read the next stand-alone book, which only builds intrigue for the next book.

The Shack

Based on William P. Young, the Shack revolved around the disappearance of Missy, Phillips, Mackenzie’s youngest daughter. Four years after evidence found on the horrendous murder of his daughter at a shack, Philip is still grieving. He gets a note from God inviting him to the shack. This book deals with questions that many people ask, such as if there is a God, then why is there so much pain and suffering. Why doesn’t He stop the suffering? Self-published by William Paul Young, this book has sold 20 million copies and has a movie version.

To Kill A Mockingbird

This book is a classic told through the eyes of a child. The author has a way of making the characters seem real, and so are the issues in the book. Issues like racism, prejudice, morality. Scout’s life changes when her father, Atticus Finch, stands up and defends a black man against allegations of rape by the daughter of a bigotry white farmer. Even though it deals with a somber subject, the book has humor and fun moments. Readers get to see that from a child’s perspective. Set in a small town called Maycomb, Alabama, the authors delve into the prejudice in the mid-1930s through the eyes of Scout. She does an excellent job of capturing this character. This story also revolves around a mystery with Radley, the mysterious neighbor who never goes outside in the daytime, but who comes to the aid of Scout when Bob Ewell, a drunken citizen of Maycomb, attacks the children.

Jane Eyre

Like a good overcoming tragedy to a triumphant story, then Jane Eyre fits the bill. Jane Eyre has had to endure some tragic events in her childhood, including being mistreated by relatives. Later, sent to an orphanage where she received more mistreatment at the hands of adults, her best friend’s death. Still, she is not afraid to try new things and leaves the school, after acquiring a position as a governess. All is not what it seems at her new position, though. A mystery unfolds, and then there is an attraction between her and her employer. Jane is a character you want desperately to find happiness because of all the tragedy in her life. Can Jane finally find love or is there something dark waiting to shatter her happiness?

Love Your Life Not Theirs

With a rating of nearly five stars, Rachel Cruze offered a book about how to change the damaging bad habits of money. She puts the spotlight on seven tips on helping you live a better life and buy items without the fear of debt. Her chapters include everything from stopping comparing yourself to others to a lifestyle of giving. This book is a must-read for those who want to control their spending habit. This is not only a book about money but how to have a healthy attitude about your money. Cruze also shows six bad habits people have with their money. The author gives examples of how you can have the things you want without going into debt.

Pride And Prejudice

Besides being a classic for all ages to enjoy, Pride and Prejudice combine charm, irony, and humor along with a love story that is not sappy.

There you have it. Seven books that should be on your list. Reading a book can transform a chaotic business life into a peaceful one. Reading also helps improve the brain and introduce new ideas to you.

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