WATCH: Hunter Biden ADMITS Joe Biden Was The “Big Guy” In Chinese Business Deal

In a revelation that has sent ripples through the political landscape, Hunter Biden has made a stunning admission regarding his father, President Joe Biden’s, involvement in a lucrative business deal with a Chinese State-linked energy firm. This acknowledgment confirms long-standing speculations about the extent of the Biden family’s business engagements in China, specifically identifying Joe Biden as the “big guy” in a deal worth $5 million.

The implications of Hunter Biden’s admission are profound, raising questions about the potential misuse of office for personal gain. The deal, as outlined, suggests a direct involvement of Joe Biden in facilitating business arrangements with foreign entities, a revelation that could have significant legal and ethical ramifications.

Despite the gravity of the admission, there are concerns about the likelihood of any judicial action being taken, given the Biden administration’s control over the Department of Justice (DOJ). Critics argue that this control might shield the President from the consequences typically faced by others in similar circumstances, casting a shadow over the impartiality and independence of the nation’s top law enforcement body.

The acknowledgment by Hunter Biden not only implicates his father in these dealings but also brings to light the strategic intentions behind the Biden family’s political and business maneuvers. According to Hunter, the ultimate goal was always the presidency, with lucrative deals being pursued to bolster the family’s financial and political standing.

This bombshell admission has sparked a debate over the potential for impeachment, with Hunter suggesting that some Democrats might prefer such an outcome due to a lack of an exit strategy for President Biden. The situation places the Democratic Party in a precarious position, as it grapples with internal divisions and external pressures to address the allegations head-on.

The broader implications for bipartisan relations are also significant, as both Democrats and Republicans navigate the complex dynamics of impeachment. The hesitancy to pursue such a course reflects the intricate balance of power and the potential fallout from initiating proceedings against a sitting President based on family business dealings.

As the story unfolds, the focus remains on the potential legal and political consequences of Hunter Biden’s revelations. The admission of Joe Biden’s involvement in a corrupt Chinese business deal not only challenges the integrity of the presidency but also tests the resilience of American democracy in holding its leaders accountable. The coming weeks and months will likely see continued scrutiny of the Biden family’s business engagements, as the nation grapples with the implications of these startling admissions.

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