The Best New Upcoming Series You Won’t Want To Miss

In the age of streaming, it can often be hard to keep track of every last show you want to watch but that is why we are here to give you the run down on all the latest shows set to hit Netflix, Amazon, & Apple Tv.

First, we’ll kick it off with Netflix. If you have a love of the super natural, you will not want to miss the epic final season of Lucifer now streaming. & there is plenty more super natural hijinks to come with the 2nd season premiere of Locke & Key set for release on October 22. If you’re looking for a good scare, you might want to consider midnight mass which comes from the same man behind the haunting of hill house. Starring Hamish Linklater, the new series sees him as a priest who visits a small remote island where people claim miracles are occurring.

If you’re not the horror type, though, you might want to consider scaredy cats. In the same vein as so many kids shows that came before it, the series follows a 12 year old girl as she tries to deal with being a witch & save the world from the forces of evil. Or if you are a big thriller guy, you might enjoy deserter pursuit. Set back in 2014, the series follows a Korean military squad who tries to catch people who have deserted the team. Next we’ll move on to apple tv shows. If you love a good mystery, you’ll enjoy defending Jacob or Lisey’s story from the brilliant mind of Stephen King.

If you’re more of a musical guy you should definitely check out Schmigadoon to see what life is like when you are stuck in the middle of an old school musical. If you’re more into dramas, you should not look any further than The Morning Show, a look into what goes on behind the scenes of one of the most notorious talk shows in America. The series stars A listers Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Aniston & Season 2 is set to drop this Friday. If you’re big into sci fi, you will not want to miss the premiere of Foundation September 24. From the brilliant mind of Isaac Asimov, the series is set to star Jared Harris & Lee Pace & will follow Dr. Hari Sheldon & his disciples who try to preserve their culture before the rest of the galaxy crumbles around them.

Of course, if you have young kids, they might want to watch Wolf Boy & The Everything Factory. The animated series is set follow the titular kid who finds a strange world in the center of the planet where new creatures known as Sprytes make a lot of things for the people on the surface. This will also drop on the 24th but if you are more into current events, you will love the problem with Jon Stewart. Featuring his first role on TV since leaving the daily show, the series will follow Jon as he explores many of the current events & hot topics that pertain to the world we are living in at the moment. As it happens, this is just one of many projects that come as a result of the partnership between Apple & Stewart. That premieres on the 30th & if you love sports, you can not go wrong with swagger, the untrue story of Kevin Durant as he deals with life & basketball while trying his best to make it to the pros someday. Starring O’Shea Jackson Jr & Isaiah Hill, the series will be available for streaming on October 29 & if you love a good historical series, Dickinson is sure to satisfy you as the 3rd & final season will kick off on November 5 with new episodes dropping each week. Starring Hailee Steinfeld, the series follows the titular character as she comes of age & tries to show the world what she is made of.

As for the true crime fans out there, they can not go wrong with the shrink next door, the true story of a shrink who will stop at nothing to take over the life of his patient. Starring Paul Rudd & Will Ferrell, the series is set to drop on Nov 12 & will definitely leave you wanting more.

Finally, we’ll move on to the new series set to drop on Amazon. First up, all the horror fans out there will love i know what you did last summer, a tv adaptation of the 90’s cult classic film. Starring a lot of up & comers in the industry, the series will drop on October 15 with the first 4 episodes & the rest of them dropping on a weekly basis. For the fantasy fans out there, you will want to see the wheel of time, an adaptation of Robert Jordan’s most famous book series & it will drop on November 19. The fact that it has already been renewed for a season 2 just shows how much confidence people have in the series. & for the kids out there, the new series do re & mi will be sure to keep them entertained for countless hours on end. This series will be available for streaming on Friday & if you are more of a family show kind of person, you will want to check out the series back to the rafters. Set to drop on Friday as well, the series follows the titular family as they deal with the struggles of growing up & living in the countryside. So if you need a way to pass time, these series are sure to do the trick.

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