Top Movie Releases This Summer

When people rang in the year 2020, no one could have possibly anticipated what would be in store for them. A year which was supposed to be full new beginnings and endless possibilities was instead marred with what would be one of the most consequential pandemics ever. Now that things seem to be slowing down and safety measures are being lowered, people are looking forward to a relatively normal summer full of activities, entertainment, and fun.

One of the industries which was most heavily impacted by the pandemic was the entertainment industry. Thousands of script writers were furloughed, film studios were closed indefinitely, and highly anticipated movies which were intended to be released in theaters last summer either had to postpone their release dates, or turned to alternative releases, such as streaming straight to home. Fortunately, theaters are starting to open up again, and just in time for the summer! From blockbuster hits with super star headliners, to indie gems just waiting to be discovered, there’s sure to be something for everyone this summer. So, get ready to grab that popcorn and prop those feet up, because here are some of the most anticipated movie releases of summer 2021.

  1. “In The Heights”
    One simple cannot start off a summer movie list without mentioning this fantastic musical drama written and produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Based off the hit Broadway musical, “In The Heights,” this film is set in the multicultural community of Washington Heights, and follows the paths of several people as they experience the highs and lows of young adulthood. The songs are catchy, the script is fantastic, and the end will leave the audience yearning for more. “In The Heights” was released on June 11 in theaters, with limited release on HBO Max.
  2. “Spiral: From the Book of Saw”
    For the movie goer who is craving something a little more sinister, check out this latest installment from the “Saw” franchise. This horror film focuses on a police department which is trying to hunt down a mass murderer, who is known for targeting law enforcement officials. Featuring performances from Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, this horror film is sure to leave movie goers looking over their shoulders for weeks. “Spiral: From the Book of Saw” was released on May 14, and can also be viewed on Amazon Prime.
  3. “The Forever Purge”
    Lulled into a false sense of security by the final purge, this film explores what happens when residents of a small Texas town attempt to flee to Mexico, as Americans continue to cause chaos and mayhem, regardless of repercussions. “The Forever Purge” debuts July 2 in theaters nationwide.
  4. “The Last Letter From Your Lover”
    This romantic drama follows the passionate love affair embarked on by the wife of a wealthy (yet abusive) businessman, and a young journalist hired to write an article on her husband. Traveling between the booming sixties in London, while simultaneously capturing present day events, this film is understated, yet brilliantly produced, and is perfect to watch on a relaxing afternoon. Based on the novel by Jojo Moyes, and featuring original music by HAIM, this film is sure to be an instant classic amongst romance fans everywhere. “The Last Letter From Your Lover” premiers July 23 on Netflix.
  5. “Paw Patrol: The Movie”
    These precocious, yet helpful, canines have won over the hearts of preschoolers everywhere for years. It’s only fitting that they receive their first full length motion picture. Featuring the voices of Jimmy Kimmel and Tyler Perry, follow these pint sized pups as they make their way through a series of adventures, and meet some new friends along the way. For little ones who have been cooped up all year due to the pandemic, this is the perfect summertime film to treat them to. “Paw Patrol: The Movie” premieres in theaters August 20, as well as on Paramount Plus.
  1. “A Classic Horror Story”
    People have been anticipating the release of this Italian language horror indie film. This film follows a group of friends on what is supposed to be a relaxing summer vacation, through what eventually turns into an inescapable macabre nightmare. With nightmarish twists and turns at every corner, follow this group as they attempt to escape a mysterious house of hell in one piece. Unsettling and stomach churning, this selection is not for the faint of heart. Catch this horror flick on Netflix starting July 14.
  2. “Summer of ’85”
    This French film has been highly regarded as one of the top releases this summer. Follow a pair of friends, as they navigate the nuances of love, friendship, and identity. Set against the breathtaking scenery of the French countryside, this duo think they’ve got everything figured out, until a mysterious young girl rocks their world. This film will be released June 18th, and is sure to be an Oscar worthy contender.
  3. “Night of the Kings”
    Set within the beautiful, yet war ravaged, Ivory Coast, this African drama encapsulates the true power behind masterful storytelling. Riveting and suspenseful, it is difficult to predict just how this film will end until the final scenes. This is a spell-binding cinematic masterpiece, which should not be missed. Initially set for release last year, this film will debut this summer in theaters as a limited release.

With countless new streaming services offering new releases every week, there’s no reason to not catch up on everything that Hollywood has to offer. Due to last year’s Covid-19 pandemic, there is now an multitude of films which are just waiting to be discovered this year. Things may be getting back to normal, but unfortunately the entertainment industry is still reeling from the loss of revenue that 2020 brought with it. Fortunately, there is an abundance of titles to choose from, no matter what one’s cinematic preferences may be. Whether someone is looking for spine tingling chills, sci-fi thrills, or something a bit more family friendly, there is truly something to suit everyone’s cinematic tastes this summer.

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