Twenty Four Hours in the Day of a Blogger

Twenty Four Hours in the Day of a Blogger – Explaining the Behind the Scenes Work That Goes Into All of the Online Content That You See On Your Favorite Blogs

7:00 AM
At around 7:00AM each day I wake up, brush my teeth, and shower with a new product to review. Bath and beauty care products are often sent to bloggers in mass quantities so there is almost always a new product to use, photograph, review, and post. With these types of products it is important to considering sourcing and ingredients before personally using or recommending anything. Low quality or poorly sourced ingredients are not worth using or sharing.

Next, I prepare a content worthy coffee and breakfast using sponsored products and snap some photos of the process and result. Making photo quality meals every time takes a little bit more time and days off will happen of course. A balanced breakfast fuels my brain and body for a busy day ahead. Sometimes this means trying a healthy new recipe to blog and share. Other times this means using sponsored food items to create brand partnership posts.

9:00 AM
Around 9:00AM I spend at least thirty minutes on the stationary bike while checking work related emails. This makes checking emails less dull and the physical activity stimulates my brain to help remember any important facts or dates that in my inbox. Exercise also releases mood boosting hormones so email replies will hopefully come off as more positive at this time.

9:30 AM
After this, I put on an inspirational or educational podcast and lift weights and do light yoga and stretching. It is important to fuel the body and mind especially when work does not occur on a regular schedule and sometimes includes free donuts.

10:00 AM: After working out at the gym, it is time to change and do the first zoom meeting of the day with a client. Before coronavirus quarantines, more of my meetings took place in person, but now we meet online whenever possible.

10:45 AM
For the best success, it is important for me to schedule content posts and post some new content. This time of day seems to be successful for getting this task done.

12:00 PM
After getting ready in a new outfit that will be incorporated into a blog post, it is time for a socially distant lunch with a potential client at their up and coming new local restaurant. During this meeting we will discuss what type of blog post and content they are looking for and will also discuss their budget. If I am posting about a restaurant or suggesting it, it is important that I like the food and find that the location meets cleanliness and fairness standards.

1:15 PM
After lunch, it is time to sit down and get to work for a while. At this time I will edit photos and write blog posts to have them ready to go when it is time for post scheduling the next day.

3:00 PM
Some clients find me online or in person but it is also important that I email potential clients. If a business or individual looks like they would benefit from the services of a blogger, I may even offer a discounted or special package.

4:00 PM
Before it is too late, it is important to do follow up meetings with regular clients. This is what I utilize the second zoom meeting time of the day for.

5:30 PM
After carefully assembling the ingredients and double checking recipes, it is time to go live while cooking dinner. It is important to maintain an active social media presence so that followers will continue to read and interact with my main blog venture. Then I sit down and eat peacefully and intuitively, without thinking about work tasks.

6:30 PM
Before setting down my phone and powering down my computers to disconnect from blogger life for the night, it is time to cross off to-do list items for the day. This makes sure I know that I am completely done for the day and am not forgetting anything important.

8:00 PM
After dark, it is time to set the phone on do not disturb and shut off computers. When work involves so much technology use, it is so important to unwind and disconnect from those sources in the evening.

9:00 PM
At night, it is nice to have a sweet snack that I do not have to create any content related to. If I still need to photograph the packaging or write a full review for a blog post, I will save that item for later.

9:30 PM
Finally, I journal, meditate, and get ready for bed.

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