Weekly Roundup News: Covid-19 Hits Marketing and Business World

Your guess is as good as mine; today’s focus is coronavirus’s effects on the business world. The virus has dramatically changed how we live our lives. There are places we can’t visit, the things we used to do but we can’t do them anymore, and also there are things we can’t spend our money on. The unforgiving pandemic has had a significant impact on many sectors, like the business, marketing, travel, entertainment, and employment sectors.
The spread of Covid 19 has left the business and the global economy counting losses as the national government put new measures like lockdowns to discourage the spread of covid 19. Though scientists are in the run to develop new vaccines to curb the spread of covid 19, which they have managed to, the economy is still far from a complete recovery.
To avoid huge losses, most business owners had to change their marketing strategies to see to it that they sell. Many moved online.

It is Not Easy for the Job Seekers
Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, increasing the rate of unemployment across significant economies. The pandemic temporarily laid off Some workers while others permanently because most companies are experiencing a shortage of work due to border closures disrupting global trade. As if adding salt to injury, most people now don’t have enough income to pay all their bills, even the most basic ones like food and water.

Though some private companies and government sectors like health now have open jobs, the number of such opportunities is still low in many countries compared to millions of job seekers. What is more discouraging is that experts continue to warn that it could take years before getting the level of employment back to where it was before coronavirus.

The Travel Industries Aren’t Picking Up Anytime Soon
You’ve seen how badly coronavirus has hit the travel industry. With the government’s strict measures on international flights, people opted to cancelling their plans for holidays in other countries. People also cancelled their business trips, causing these airlines to shut their doors. With the continued rise in coronavirus cases, many countries have introduced even more stringent measures on travel industries, paralyzing the whole sector.

The Tourism Industry Is Still Counting Costs
The tourism sector is still far from recovery. They were the most affected by the strict measures on international flights. And since foreign tourists are the major boost on the world tourism organization, the tourist receipts have dropped drastically, which experts warn could set the global tourism industry back by almost two decades.
Many hotels in the coastal and scenic countries shut their doors, counting costs since the government stopped the international flights due to a drop in reservations level. In return, people have lost their jobs and daily livelihoods.
Most analysts from the travel and tourism sectors believe that operations in these two sectors could return to normal around 2025 since they lost billions of dollars ever since the news of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Retail Market Had Its Share Of The Burden
Many retail shops shut their doors as buyers opted to stay home for fear of contacting the coronavirus. Many moved online as it was the only means available to reach consumers. And since most people lost their jobs as we’ve seen earlier, many of them now buy only what is necessary, causing an overall fall in retail.
Things worsened when most countries went on lockdowns, forcing retailers to close up. All is not lost, though, since these products are still available online, but you have to pay a slightly higher price to get them.
According to shopper track findings, many retail buyers are still skeptical about returning to retail stores since they fear these stores have not put enough measures to curb this disease’s spread. They are not sure these stores follow the government’s required rules and regulations, and for that, they fear for themselves and their loved ones.
On the other hand, this change in shopping patterns has caused a significant boost in online business, increasing global revenue.

As Others Count Their Losses, Some Are Smiling
The pharmaceutical companies are the most outstanding winners in this coronavirus pandemic. You’ve seen many governments from different countries pledging millions of dollars to the pharmaceutical companies participating in the development of coronavirus vaccines. This has, in turn, increased the shares in these companies.
For example, pharmaceutical companies like Novavax and Moderna involved in the coronavirus vaccine development have recorded a significant rise in their shares while Pfizer’s shares continue to fall.
Quite a number of these companies are now distributing doses of coronavirus vaccines to different countries worldwide, increasing their sales margin.

Covid 19 On Hand Sanitizer and face Masks Market
There has been a significant increase in the size of the hand sanitizer and face masks market. Companies like Unilever, Sc Johnson & Son, Best Sanitizer Inc, etc., have recorded and are still recording massive profits from hand sanitizer sales. The demand is still high since the coronavirus pandemic isn’t ending soon. From the start, many people rushed to stores to buy hand sanitizers to protect themselves and their loved ones against the disease and curb the spread of coronavirus.

The face mask industries also enjoyed their share of goodness from the sale of their products. And since the introduction of strict restrictions globally about people not appearing in public without wearing their face masks, the market grew bigger. To avoid facing authorities and paying charges, many people rushed to buy face masks.
In all these, even the soap industries benefited from the washing hands several times a day drive. They had to change their marketing strategies to lure more customers into buying their products; you’ve probably seen most detergent and soap industries advertising their products on local television channels and the web.

Overall, the business sector has been dramatically affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as you have seen in this article. But, the future looks promising, especially with the development of the vaccine. Though it may take longer to return the business operations as they were days before the pandemic or take them to even higher levels, it will undoubtedly happen.

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