Best Winter Trips To Take

It is winter season, and many people tend to travel to escape the freezing weather season during this period. But some people love the snowfall and hence get excited when winter approaches. For those who can’t stand the temperature dropping, we have summed up the best favorite places that you can travel to this winter. Places where it is fun, comfortable, classy, and serene. Places where you will enjoy your entire time while enjoying the food and cocktails next to a beach on a tropical island or areas full of adventure. Together with your family or friends, you can have a great time on the vacations. Take a look at the following winter vacation and make it on your radar.

The Caribbean Island

Not so many people know of this place. It has few people living on the island. This place is called Bequia. Explore Bequia and enjoy the beautiful beaches and islands found in this city. The friendly people who live here make the home even more comfortable to stay. You will be welcomed warmly and treated like their own family member. The Bequia people will take you for a trip on the island, showing you all the beautiful serene found, including the turtle nursery.

They will share stories about their life on the island and the whale hunt that happens every year. The many hotels on this island that occupy ample space that feels like home because of the available rooms give you more satisfaction than a five-star hotel. The presence of turtles makes you want to swim with them and enjoy their company on the blue beach.

California Coast Lodge

Come hike at the most beautiful hotel in California called the West Point Inn. People do not know the place, and it is not that developed. To get into the hotel, you will have to hike two miles near the town of Mill Valley. You can bring along your family members including the kids. You will experience the great sight of the Golden Gate Bridge when there is a fog. The climatic temperature in this area is good for hiking and snagging.

Alaska, the Ski Summit to Sea

Alaska has you covered when it comes to skiing. This will bring you in that holiday mood. The snow-white surrounding the city, the sparkling streets lights, and the decorated market places make the place look more beautiful. Other types of fun activities are available too. Together with your friends or family, you can quickly get access to a variety of ski resorts available in the city. The incredible wildlife experience that you will enjoy in the town will bring memories in your lifetime.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica holds the most beautiful beaches in Central America. The adaptable weather in this city makes all fun possible. You will enjoy activities like horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, among the list of activities you have ever dreamed of. Coming to Costa Rica has to be on your radar because whatever the time you wish to spend in Costa Rica, you will still enjoy the goodness that comes with it in your vacation.

Caicos and Turks

From the hectic and busy schedules you had during the year, the Turks and Caicos are here to release the pain. It’s an attractive destination. The cool temperature and lively coral reefs will take away your breath. The beautiful beaches here will have you swimming the whole day. You can even travel to the most extensive reef system in the world.


I bet you have not visited one of the iciest, unique and natural places in the world. Let me introduce you to Greenland. This city is so mysterious and is one of the largest continental islands. Think of a colorful area, magnificent sounds, and the availability of many sheep and glaciers. Think of Greenland. You have to visit this fantastic place. Its natural features will make you come back again.

Chiang Mai in Thailand

Chiang Mai is surrounded by foggy hills and mountains, worship places covered in gold, and flourishing rice terraces. They normally hold a festive on February using flowers that they cover the city in plants and flowers for about three days in Suan Buak garden. The climate temperature in Thailand rarely goes below 60 degrees. Enjoy the festive and have fun with the Thailand community.


Have you been to Cayo Costa State Park in Florida? If not you should plan a make a trip this winter. Cayo Costa Park is one of the exquisite barrier islands. Go by the boat to get there or by kayak. It is not a long-distance paddling alongside the Great Calusa Blueway Trail from one island to another. Not to forget the conducive weather here in Florida, perfect for camping with family and friends. You can also gather the shells or spot sea turtles available on the beaches of Florida.

Virgin Islands

The temperature in Virgin is conducive for you and your friends to sunbathe while sipping that favorite cocktail of yours. Walking barefoot in the sand enjoying every step you take along the beaches like Magens Bay will give you that fantastic feeling. One way to get into Virgin Island is through the eastern Caribbean cruise; this is cheaper than other transportation and accommodations. Virgin Island has strong winds that generally come during the December festive, so make sure to pack a windbreaker.


Hawaii Island holds the most fascinating adventure and has about eight national parks, many scenic beach hikes that you will enjoy hiking on a daily basis and very many beaches on the island. Hawaii is filled with natural beauty that you cannot get enough of.

Have a great time enjoying the above and many other adventurous places during this winter season. Start planning your gate away and get the experience of dueling pangs of wanderlust. Create those unforgettable memories with your friends and family by visiting this adventurous cities.

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