Rihanna Maternity Fashion

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things in this world. Moms in the making walk with such prideful steps strutting the baby baby with love. Many soon to be mothers have a hard time finding something perfect to wear that is comfortable, fashionable and easy to get off when those eager bathroom trips occur. Rihanna is just the same however she has stepped up her game in the maternity fashion world. She has been working her pregnancy at every aspect with her double taking looks.

The widely loved singer and fashion icon Rihanna became pregnant with her first child with another artist A$AP Rocky. She is expected to deliver her first child sometime in June or July of 2022. During this pregnancy Rihanna has been holding a title of a fashion icon. Her maternity wardrobe has been a hot topic for many and is turning heads almost everywhere.

Rihannas take on maternity fashion is bringing out the sexy side for mothers to be. Her baby bump was hidden for months until she wowed the public showing it off in the most jaw dropping maternity fashion there is. Regardless of the weather, Rihanna is not scared to show some skin and let that baby bump of hers breathe. She clearly does not go the traditional maternity style and it looks like she wont be any time soon. If it’s not music Rihanna is rocking it is clearly her head turning fashion. She has always had the confidence to enter any doorway with her head held high showing her passions for all to see. Pregnancy is nothing less for her as she is still just as beautiful and confident.

This artists sexy fashion has an assortment of looks. When Rihanna first debuted her baby bump it was in January. She had announced her pregnancy through a photo shoot with the father to be A$AP Rocky. For this announcement she wore a puffer coat that was Chanel in hot pink, jeans and beautiful gold chains that were covered in colorful jewels draping of her baby bump. Soon after in February at a Fenty Beauty and Skin event, she showed up dazzling many with her ensemble. She rocked a stunning glittery outfit that was custom made by The Attico. This outfit consisted of a shimmery green that was made with slits exposing her baby bump and her $36,000 diamond bra. Her pants had an hombre effect with burgundy, purple and silver. She also made an appearance in February in a black Paul Gaultier cardigan that was beautifully laced up over her baby bump. She also had on leggings, Carhartt coat, sunglasses from Balenciaga and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Rihanna believes that pregnancy is a long nine months and that you should enjoy it. She loves fashion and is willing to deal with being uncomfortable occasionally to dress accordingly and be in style. Although some of these fashion choices can be uncomfortable she is bringing sexy to the maternity world. Many of her ensembles consists of letting the baby bump breathe baring it for all to see. She wears some crop tops in order to do this or has an outfit that is custom made for the maternity look she is going for.

This glamorous artist loves her fashion. She attends many fashion shows every year and hasn’t let her pregnancy slow her down from doing so. On March 1, 2022 she attended the Dior fall show in Paris. She arrived at this event wearing pointed heeled boots, sheer black lace slip covered with a leather coat. These items were from a pre-fall collection from the French fashion house. A few days later Rihanna went out to the Caviar Kaspia. This night out had her sporting another head turning attire. She wore a jumpsuit that was a bl/turquoise shade made by Stella McCartney, long khaki jacket, brown hoodie and some pointed heels.

Many people doubt her fashions choices and believe she she cover up more. Hateful comments are made regarding her fashion choices and believe she should go the other direction and embrace a more traditional approach to motherhood. These negative people have not changed Rihanna’s mind and intention of fashion choices whatsoever. Almost every day she is sporting another head turner and glamorizing her baby bump. Rihanna is the extra that so many mother to be’s needed to see. She is helping many women around the world understand that you can be pregnant and glamorous without the traditional and normal practices.

The ensembles Rihanna has been sporting beautiful and head turning looks during her pregnancy thus far. She has a more sexy and bad girl type of style for her maternity fashion. Whether it’s barely anything on her body like her sheer ensemble in early March or its peek-a-boos showing off her baby bump, Rihanna is rocking them all.

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