Exciting Things to Do at Home with Your Kids

Staying at home has become the new normal in light of the pandemic. The good news is that you don’t have to feel stuck and get bored. You can create fond memories with your kids at the comfort of your abode. There are some exciting activities that you can try to pass the time and engage your children. As a parent, you will have fun too as your kids develop new skills and play different stuff. Here are some things that you can do to bond with your kids.

Indoor Treasure Hunt
Kids are naturally curious, and they love exploring. You can tap into that by hiding some items and allow them to look for the treasures. The best way to play the game is to create a map of your residence and conceal the treasures. You can use coded language that your kids can understand to make the activity enjoyable. When there are quizzes and treasure hunts, your children will develop critical thinking skills. For example, you can place the item in your wardrobe and give a hint that they can find it in a spot that resembles a door.

Indoor Bowling
Your home is the perfect place to play indoor bowling with your loved ones. Get some water bottles and a medium-sized ball to start the game. You can use duct tape to create a boundary line for the sport. Your work will be to keep tabs on the scores to award the winner at the end of the activity. The water bottles can be stable if you fill them up with water and close the tops tightly. Ensure that you choose a room with ample space to make your game real and fun.

Freeze Dance
Kids like dancing, and you can create a fascinating activity out of it. You can play freeze dance with children of all ages. The best part is that you can join in too and enjoy the game. Choose their favorite jams, let them dance to the song, and freeze when it stops. You can record the points to announce the winner of the game for a treat. Your kids will have the desire and motivation to participate in freeze dance. Select different poses that resemble animals, yoga, and shapes to make it more entertaining.

Car Washing
Children and water are inseparable. On that account, you can wash your car with your kids during a warm day. Please start with the exterior as you show them how to clean the vehicle to a spotless finish. You can proceed to the interior with your guidance. Allow them to use sufficient soap and water to make the activity fun for them. Play some music and watch hours pass by with sheer simplicity. Your kids will have a sense of responsibility and learn car cleaning as well. Tell them about the crucial car parts as they help you wash your vehicle.

Cave or Den Building
You can build caves or dens with your kids and have memorable moments. Some of the things that you can use are cushions, pillows, and bedsheets. Allow your children to gather the materials that they can utilize for the exercise. You can help them set the fort as you build yours too. An afternoon would be the ideal time to create a cave or den. This way, if someone feels sleepy, they can rest without any hassle. Blankets can come in handy so that your kids can explore their imagination and creativity.

Picture Taking
Photos are the best way to keep a record of fun things your kids do at all times. You can take pictures when bowling, inside home caves or dens, washing cars. Alternatively, you can dress up your children for an amazing photo session. Your phone or camera will do an excellent job in snapping the images. Print them out to create an album or scrapbook for pleasant memories. Ensure that you take silly photos to remind you of the great times that you had.

Hide and Seek
Your residence has countless hiding spots that you can optimize for the hide-and-seek game. Start the game by letting your kids hide as you look for them. After that, have one of your kids search for you as you hide in one of the zones. Hide and seek never grows old since it is a classic and fun game. Everyone will take a turn in searching for other people hiding at home.

Baking qualifies to be one of the exciting things to do at home with your family. Get the necessary ingredients and let your kids learn baking skills. You can have them read the recipe to you and mix up the ingredients. You can try cookies and allow your kids to create exciting shapes or patterns. Also, cakes would be the best choice you will need to decorate them. The fun part is using letters to make the cake more appealing. You can use your kid’s initials to create a customized cake. Dress them up in cooking aprons to teach them the essence of hygiene and safety.

Planting flowers in pots or your yard is the best way to engage your kids. You can also grow fruit trees so that you can enjoy apples, berries, or lemons at home. Kids like getting messy with water and soil; hence, you need to involve them in gardening. They will wait eagerly for the seeds to germinate or the flowers to blossom. When you are watering the plants, please give them the hose pipe to irrigate the crops. Your children will develop a keen interest in gardening from a young age.

Balloon Games
A balloon party with your kids would be a terrific idea. Buy balloons of all kinds and colors for the game. Your kids can blow the balloons and decorate a room in your home. Also, you can play balloon tennis or volleyball if you have sufficient space. Another interesting game is when kids try to protect their balloons from getting popped by others.

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