Effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic on the Fashion Industry

Background on the Corona Virus/ Covid 19 Pandemic
In late 2019 and early 2020, people were eagerly awaiting upcoming fashion shows, travel plans, and in-store clothing drops, when a global pandemic hit. The corona virus is a highly contagious and deadly virus that can cause severe respiratory issues, loss of taste and smell, and even death. In order to prevent the transmission and spread of the corona virus, countries around the globe implemented safety measures throughout 2020 and 2021. Many non-essential businesses like retail stores, hair salons, and restaurants were closed down for months on end. Stay at home measures were put in place in many locations as well. Even when strict quarantines ended, there were still measures put in place that we can see today. Reusable or disposable face masks are required in many public and private buildings. Six feet of social distancing is also suggested between non-related individuals. Fortunately, a vaccine is being rolled out, and it appears that things may be back to normal sooner than later.

Covid 19 and Fashion
This virus had a massive impact on the fashion industry. All of a sudden, masks have become an essential accessory to complete any look. Fashion brands could not produce them quickly enough to keep up with demand. Retail stores were closed, however, and many brands suffered. As stay at home orders impacted the lifestyles of individuals around the globe, they also found their style changed. DIY money saving looks and casual lounge wear are more popular now than ever before. Things seem that they will begin return to more of a sense of normalcy in the fashion world and in every day life, but who knows what trends will come next.

Masking up to Stay Safe in Style
There are many ways to mask up in style. Cotton masks are reusable and washable. They also do not irritate skin and they come in a wide variety of fun colors and textiles. You can make a bold statement with a mask or match it to your outfit. Many brands even offer clothing pieces that come with matching masks. Some people prefer face shields. These can make a bold statement as a part of a street wear ensemble.

Making a Bold Statement from Six Feet Away
Bold statements have become more common as people attempt to safely return to public spaces and outings. Many people still prefer to stay socially distant by staying six feet or more away from others but that does not mean that they want to sacrifice their fashion imprint. To make a bold first impression from six feet or more away, choose bold silhouettes – over-sized, cropped, or tailored. You can also choose bold platform shoes and include bright neon colors and prints in your look to embrace this socially distant trend.

Work From Home and Safe at Home Lounge Wear
Fashion brands have seen a huge demand for masks since the beginning of the pandemic, but they have also seen a huge demand for lounge wear clothing items like leggings, sweat pants, tee shirts, sweat shirts, and yoga gear. When people work at home instead of in an office setting, they are likely to spend more money on lounge wear and less money on office clothing. Fashion brands have responded by putting out more and more sporty lounge wear collections. Athletic and yoga brands have enjoyed great success in the wake of this trend.

Budget Friendly DIY Trends
During the pandemic many individuals who were not offered work at home options lost their jobs and were not adequately re-compensated. Many found themselves bored at home, out of cash, and looking for a creative outlet. From this boredom sprang the resurgence of the do it yourself fashion trend. Tie dye, cut and sewed, and hand made looks are more popular now than ever before Video content and social media websites feature a wide variety of tutorials. Major brands have even chosen to mimic these do it yourself trends by releasing their own versions of them.

Digital Fashion Shows
Retail stores were not the only aspect of the fashion industry affected by the corona virus pandemic. In an effort to prevent the transmission of disease, fashion week events and fashion shows around the globe were cancelled for months on end. Even now they are just being re-introduced with very careful social distancing, sanitation, and virus testing measures in place. Online fashion shows have provided a temporary solution in this area. Viewers can pay a fee or watch for free depending on the show. Designers have a little more creativity when creating a digital fashion show. It is certainly an interesting trend to watch as it evolves.

Online Shopping
In an effort to stay safe and entertained, many individuals have turned to the hobby of home online shopping. This is a trend that will most benefit retailers with a wide selection of low priced items. These retailers are fan favorites for unboxing videos and wardrobe overhauls.

The Future Of Fashion
It will be interesting to see how long these trends stick around after the pandemic ends, or if they will at all. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy some of your favorite fashion trends while social distancing in style. When in doubt, posting outfit of the day mirror selfies is always a safe hobby.

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