Unisex Fashion Trends

Unisex Fashion Trends
Those on the cutting edge of the fashion world have always embraced unisex fashion trends. High fashion menswear shows often go viral for their effeminate colorways, silhouettes, and styling options. Likewise, some of the most fashionable and edgy women of the early and mid 20th century were considered those who wore pants, button down shirts, or casual sneakers. Some of today’s unisex fashion trends were completely unheard of years ago. Now, people of all genders can wear items like jeans, t shirts, or high top canvas shoes without anyone batting an eyelash. As the 2020s develop, however, even more unisex fashion trends have become popular.

Tie Dye
For the last year or so, tie dye looks have been popular for men and women of all ages. Tie dye t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, face masks, and socks are currently popular for people of all ages, backgrounds and genders. For a more masculine spin on the trend, try dark colorways like navy and black. For a more feminine look, you can opt for pastel hues or pink shades in your tie dye look. Tie dye is definitely best left for casual occasions. Avoid wearing these pieces on important work zoom calls and instead opt to wear them for grocery shopping, yoga class, or casual movie nights in.

Matching Lounge Wear Sets
All types of matching clothing sets have become popular in 2020 and 2021. Casual lounge sets have become a quarantine fashion staple but fashion kings and queens know that these looks can easily come off as frumpy or disheveled looking. One easy way to elevate lounge wear looks is to choose matching sets that fit well. Over sized looks can also be pulled off, but this requires a little more finesse. Choose a favorite color or popular brand, and keep it simple when embracing this cool trend.

High Waisted and Cropped Pants
Parents in the seventies, eighties, and nineties just seemed to have had it all figured out it seems. Trendy men and hip women alike have been clearing the shelves of thrift store and vintage shops in search of high waisted and cropped pants for at least the past year or so. Online fashion reselling apps also have great options for pieces like this. Depending on the weather, fabrics like light wash denim, corduroy, and printed linen are all popular for high waisted and cropped pant trends. These pants look best when worn with a partially tucked in shirt or crop top. Even crop tops have become popular for more daring men.

Vintage Graphic Tees
Another vintage trend coming back into focus is the graphic tee. Graphic tees from thrift stores, online resellers, family members, or the bottom of storage boxes, make extremely unique statement pieces in any person’s wardrobe. Pair an over sized vintage tee shirt with an open button up and cropped pants to try out this trend on your own sometime. Popular styles of vintage tees for those who love this trend include pop culture references, animals, and unique vintage business logos. Faux vintage tees are also available from both designer brands and major discount retailers.

Designer Statement Belts
A classic black and gold, brown and gold, or black and silver belt completes any tailored and put together fashion look. On social media and in real life, it is easy to see the popularity of this fashion trend. Investing in a statement piece can elevate anyone’s wardrobe but it is hard to know which piece to choose. A classic leather designer belt with high quality hardware will last for years as an investment piece. These statement belts look best when paired with tailored, monochromatic looks on both women and men alike. Women can opt to belt their dresses at times, while men will also want to use these belts with their best fashionable suit options.

Edgy Accessories Like Belt Chains and Chokers
Punk rock style was all about gender bending rule breaking and unisex cool and it is back to stay in a big way. When worn right, chains on jeans can take any look from casual and cool to edgy and high style. Try this look with simple black jeans at first, and then try it with some ripped or destroyed denim for a real edgy look. This is a perfect time to break out that vintage graphic tee and a pair of canvas high top sneakers. The timeless and edgy look will suit people of all genders and ages. If you try out this look and find that it is a little too edgy for your personal style, add just one punk rock accessory to an otherwise simple outfit like a white button up with jeans or a little black dress. This will allow you to still look yourself while giving your look a cool androgynous edge.

Mask Matching
With the current corona virus pandemic still spreading around the world, masks are an important fashion accessory that are here to stay. It is trendy for both men and women to match their masks to their outfits. There are a few ways to do this. Bold masks with wild prints, favorite characters, or sports emblems can be worn with simple or casual outfits. On the other hand sleeker mask options for men and women also exist. Upscale fabrics in simple colorways are popular for anyone who is looking to stay safe in style. Couples and families can also choose to match their masks to one another.

Unisex looks have always been popular. These trends are just a few that currently popular. As time goes on, more and more fashion trends find their lines blurred as they are embraced by people of all genders around the globe.

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