Fashion from Across the Word’s Major Cities

A Brief Introduction to International Fashion Trends : Touring the Globe By Considering The Fashion and Style Trends of Various Major Destination Cities

During world travels, one of the most noticeable cultural differences one might find between locales is that of the clothing choices in each country. Based off culture, religion, social norms, trends, accessibility, climate, and more, different fashion choices are made around the globe as season to season trends develop. Different clothing materials and garment construction styles help anthropologists understand the traditions of different places. Being able to adapt to the style trends of a new city when traveling is a key way to make sure you best fit in and also best respect those around you. Doing a little research on this is always helpful.

New York City, New York – United States of America
Depending on the time of year, the part of the city one resides in, and the lifestyle that one lives, a variety of styles are seen in New York City. This city is known globally as an important fashion hub where many well known designers made their names in the fashion world. New York City street fashion is known for its variety and anything goes attitude with an always put together edge. A variety of street style, business, and high fashion looks all have their roots in New York City.

Miami, Florida – United States of America
Another sort of “anything goes” United States destination for fashion is Miami, Florida. Unlike in New York City, there is little opportunity in this beach side city for layering, for coats and jackets, or for thick garments. Stylish beach looks with revealing swim wear, layered jewelry, sheer designer cover up pieces, and beach friendly but still posh open toed shoes are key to the Miami look. Both men and women wear light weight fabrics like cotton, mesh, and linen and light shades of color like white, pastel blue, and khaki year round. Swimwear garments are more daring and similar to Europe or South America in this destination.

London, England / United Kingdom
Because of its unpredictable weather that often finds rain and cool air replacing warm pleasant days, the destination of London, England has come to be known for layering looks and jackets. More upscale looks are highly posh with classic jackets in muted tones like tan or heather grey, while edgy punk looks also highlight layering but in a more edgy and alternative manner. Designer fashion from London, England helped popularize trench coats, pea coats, scarves, khaki, plaid, and other timeless, classic trends.

Milan, Italy
This city is well known as a European capital city for haute couture and daring high fashion garments from fashion houses that embody the absolute utmost of high standards. All black looks, black and white looks, and other monochromatic hues area key aspect of the Milan look. A dramatic, daring, or angular silhouette helps give the bold, sensual look for which Milan, Italy’s fashion is known. Leather and gold accessories complete the look.

Paris, France
Paris is known for upscale, timeless, and elegant looks that translate well when worn in almost any location. Both breezy and structured silhouettes are a part of the classic Parisian style, as well as high quality textiles, and muted color palettes. For the best way to top off a Parisian look, one might invest in a high quality accessory like a beret or silk scarf. Topping off a basic look with the right accessory is the ultimate Parisian fashion move.

Tokyo, Japan
There are several major fashion trends developed in Japan that have become popular around the world but that does not necessarily mean that the everyday person goes through day to day life dressed like a magazine street style feature. Harajuku, gothic lolita, and school uniform inspired styles of dress are all fashion trends which became popularized in or around Tokyo, Japan. Harajuku style is very over the top, with bold colors, funky mismatched layers, and quirky accessories like beaded masks and jewelry, stuffed animal backpacks, and funky neon leg warmer socks. Gothic lolita is more upscale inspired, with Victorian ruffles, structured silhouettes, and classic, subdued color palettes. School uniform style is more oriented in necessity but helped inspire trends like button up shirts, pleated or plaid skirts, and leg warmers worn with flat shoes.

New Dehli, India
In India, and many other countries around the world, modesty and culture are valued first and foremost when it comes to fashion considerations. India is a predominant destination for high quality and unique textiles that are traditional and thus cannot be found anywhere else in the world. These fabrics come in rich, bold hues like indigo, mustard yellow, deep purple, and magenta and often are made with natural dyes. Another common element of Indian clothing is the presence of delicate, elaborate, and intentionally placed embroidery and beading. Being more covered up and modest certainly does not make the fashion of any Indian city less worth noting.

Wherever one resides or chooses to visit, it is natural to be curious about the fashion trends of various cities around the globe. Experimenting with an international look can be a great way to switch up style choices as time goes on. Learning more about the fashion history and trends of a city while visiting, or learning more about the fashion history and trends of one’s own city can be a fun and enriching experience as well. One thing all world fashions have in common is this; they look best when worn with confidence and one’s own personal style twist.

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