How to Shop and Dress for Your Unique Body Type

We all come in different shapes and sizes. Each one of our bodies is unique in a distinct, special way. Dressing for your body type is crucial if you wish to make a lasting first impression. The right clothes work by stylishly accentuating your curves and hiding everything else. In this article, we’ll look at how you can discover your body type and how to dress right for each shape.

Here’s How You Can Identify Your Unique Body Shape
If you have not yet gone through puberty this guide does not apply to you. To determine your body type, take a look in the mirror and notice your curvature. Notice how your curves join your upper torso, waist, and hips. Here are a few body types that you may fit into.

• The Apple Body Type
To see if you fit into this body type, take a look in the mirror and take note of your shoulder length in co-relation to your waist and thigh circumference. This body type I referred to as top-heavy because the bust is usually bigger than the hips by three or more inches.

Here is how you can dress if you want to make for an apple body type:
Apple body types are best dressed when wearing clothes that draw the eye away from their midriff while accentuating other parts. If you have this body type, it is easier to wear V-neck shirts and blouses. Long sleeves work best to draw attention from the shoulders and arms. When choosing pants, go for flared ones over straight-leg pants.
Wear your pants just below the hip bone to draw awareness from the upper waist or midriff area. It would be best to avoid wearing outfits that nip at the waist. If you have tops that flow and drape the waistline wear them together with pants. If you do not have said tops a long coat or jacket works great for your body type.

• The Pear Body Type
The pear body type can easily be described as the very opposite of the apple body type. As a pear body type, you can be described as bottom-heavy. About twenty percent of women in the world have this body type. If you have this body shape, you will notice that your lower body that is the hips, thighs, and in some cases your bottom are more noticeable. Your shoulders should not be wider than your hips. It is possible to have thicker legs compared to other body types.

Here is how to dress a pear body type:
The trick to getting the perfect outfit for this body shape is to dress up the top half of your body. Look for tops that draw attention to your arms and shoulders. Avoid buying pants and leggings that narrow your legs. A nice way to balance things out would be to wear a nice supportive bra. Flared pants are not recommended for your body type.

• The Flute Body Shape
This body shape to draw is also referred to as the rectangular body type. If you have this body type you will notice the following distinct features. You will notice that the distance between your shoulder to the waist or hips is relatively a straight line. Some people refer to this body type as the model’s body type because it provides the perfect embodiment for a garment to stand out without distractions from the model. If you have this body type, you can were pretty much anything and look chic. It all depends on how you would like your outfit to look. About 46 percent of women have this unique body shape.

How to dress for the flute body shape:
If you want to fill out a part of your body you can try using ruffles, pleats, ruching, belts, buttons, details, etc. You can wear anything you like and still look stylish. This makes shopping incredibly easy for you. Stay away from menswear as it may pass you off as masculine.

• Maybe You Have the Hourglass Body Type?
Only 8 percent of women have this body type. If you have this body type, your hip and bust measurements should be equal. Your waist should be narrow. The hourglass shape is not influenced by fleshy arms or wide shoulders. It is entirely possible toy have an hourglass body shape with a slightly fuller behind.

How to dress the hourglass body type:
The hourglass body type is advised to embrace her curves. This means that you should wear fitting clothes. Use your mid-section as the center of attention when getting dressed for the day. Feel free to accessorize your waist for better results. Always follow your body’s outline so you flatter your curves. For you tailored clothes are better suited.
Avoid clothes with a deep neckline as it might cause you to expose too much bust. Your bust is a big part of your outfit. We are not saying that a good V-neck is not good for you, because V-neck blouses do wonders for the hourglass body type. We would advise that you stick to shorter more appropriate necklines. Look for a bra that gives you ample support and shape so your chest does not look droopy or saggy.

You Can Also Adjust Your Body Type
Your body type is largely a genetic factor that depends on the body types your parents and their parents have. Though genetics determine how fat is distributed around your body, there is a way to somewhat adjust your shape through diet and exercise. There is no merit to suggest that there is a better body type than others. All body types are unique and should be dressed to perfection. With these fashion styling tips, you can dress to impress every day. Shopping for fashionable outfits has never been easier.

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