Will Only Fans Be Banning Sexual Explicit Material From Its Platform?

Onlyfans is a new subscription service that individuals who create content can make money from their fans who are willing to pay for their content on a one-time pay-per-view service, or they can subscribe monthly to a content creator’s platform for a fee. The fee that the content creator charges their fans is up to them, so some famous content creators and more loyal fans charge larger fees. Onlyfans is a home-based company and started in London. Onlyfans is a family-owned business and was started in 2016. The company is owned and run by a father and his two sons. Tim and Thomas Stokley are the two initial founders of the company. Their father, Guy Stokely, gave them the loan to get the company up and running. Now that the company is successful, Tim Stokely is the chief executive officer, Thomas Stokely is the chief operating officer, and their father, Guy Stokely, is the chief financial officer.

More than 130 million individuals use Onlyfans and over two million content creators on the platform. Onlyfans has a variety of different types of content creators. They also have explicit content such as pornography and online sex workers. PG-13 content can be from fitness experts, cooking experts, musicians, and much more.

The only fans platforms have now announced that they will be banning sexually explicit content starting in October. This has caused an uproar from sex workers who make a living on the platform by selling their sexually explicit content. The platform has stated that the individuals will still post nude photos and videos, but the live chat and shows will be blocked. The sexually explicit videos and nude photos also have to follow the Onlyfans policy and guidelines that they have put in place. Onlyfans does not only feature explicit content creators, but they also have content from musicians and fitness gurus available on the site. During the pandemic, individuals in these areas could still make a good living and provide for their families, so the platform is lucrative and valuable. Is it fair for men and women who are sex workers not to have the ability to make a living as well? The answer to that question is no everyone should have the opportunity to make a living. Onlyfans built its brand and popularity off the back of these people, so why change now.

The Reason For The Sexual Explicit Content Band

The founder and chief executive officer of Onlyfans, Tim Stokely, states that he has no issues with the pornographic content on the platform. He says that the investors in the platform are responsible and putting pressure on the Onlyfans platform to stop the pornographic content. The company did let the content creators know that this pressure was from its financial partners. The sex worker content creators blamed MasterCard and Visa. Mr. Stokely had to clear this up and let them know that it was the bank’s, not MasterCard and Visa. The banks were acting selfishly and concerned about their reputation and not about the content creators who helped the platform become as popular. Mr. Stokely explained that the company had no choice but to partner with the banks because they pay their content creators over three hundred million dollars every month.

Three main banks partner with Onlyfans: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon, and Metro Bank. These three banks are putting significant pressure on Onlyfans to remove pornographic content from their platform. The banks have the leverage over Onlyfans because they helped the platform cover the three hundred million dollars a month that they pay out to their content creators. It seems that the Onlyfans platform has been pushing back against the banks since 2019. These banks have closed the company’s corporate accounts, making it difficult for them to pay their content creators. Tim Stokely says that if the banks were more open-minded and changed their approach to explicit content, he would welcome back this type of content to the Onlyfans platform.

The Reason Why Onlyfans Reversed The Band Of Sexually Explicit Content

Onlyfans have been forced to reverse the ban of sexually explicit content. When you put everything into its proper context, it’s the banks who were forced to do good business. The reason it is called good business is that the content creators are responsible for helping the platform become as successful as it is today, specifically the sex workers. The sex workers felt angered that the platform would band their content and make their living, so they threatened to take their business to another platform. Even though only fans have other types of content creators, let’s be honest the sexually explicit content is the money maker. Plain and simple sex sells. Some credit also has to be given to the founder of Onlyfans, Tim Stokely. He was transparent on why the band would occur and who was leading the charge against the sex worker content creators. The platform thanks the creators for making their voices heard, which helped to combat the band. This will keep Onlyfans a diverse and all-inclusive platform.

The Onlyfans platform did the right thing by fighting for the rights of the sex worker content creators. Unfortunately, these big banks make all of this money off of people and are not concerned with the people who make them wealthy. I am glad that the sex workers stood up for themselves and fought back. When you look at this situation, it was a form of prejudice and discrimination because people choose to live their lives differently.

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