Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotels

Right from the moment Richard Branson began Virgin Limited Edition in 1970, he has always had a way of continuously making his grand hotel’s experiences better, rare, exclusive, and desirable.
Virgin Limited Edition is also known for its luxurious hotels located in various eye-catching geographical regions globally. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience for you and your family, consider one of the following Virgin Limited’s collections of relaxation experiences:

Necker Island, Moskito Island, Mahali Mzuri, Mont Rochelle, Ulusaba, Kasbah Tamadot, The Lodge, and Son Bunyola

Necker Island

Necker Island is situated in the British Virgin Islands of the Caribbean. This spectacular island is right on top of turquoise waters. White sandy beaches and coral reefs surround the island. It is designed to give you the most exciting getaway experience ever. The guest rooms are situated in a way that gives you an amazing outlook and a panoramic ocean view. There are four accommodations choices in Necker Island: The Great House, Bali Lo Complex, Bali Hi Complex, and Temple House. all these places have their own unique experiences meant just for you.

The Great House
If you have just landed on Necker Island and you are looking to have a spectacular view of the Caribbean, the Atlantic, and some nearby islands as well, then The Great House is the choice you should go for as it sits at the highest point of the island. The Great House is equipped with a spacious master suite with a super king-size bed, a living area, Kitchenette, En-suite bathroom, Indoor, and outdoor shower, 180-degree ocean views, and Indoor and outdoor music system. The other bedrooms with the house also view the ocean, king-size beds, and outdoor showers. The Great House also has a bunk room perfect for kids. The bunk room has three bunk beds, an En-suite bathroom, separate toilets, TV and games console, Board games, and more than enough Toys. And if you are after a private time alone, you might prefer a Leha Lo room situated just below the great house with a spectacular view of the ocean, too.

Bali Lo Complex

Bali Lo Complex has three guest houses Bali Lo, Bali Buah, Bali Kukila. Bali Lo is a two-tiered house with a great view of the ocean, a bed on the first floor, and a ground-floor lounge. Bali Buah is a spacious room with has an en-suite bathroom and a large balcony to sit and enjoy the view of the ocean. While Bali Kukila is a vast room equipped with

Bali Hi Complex

The Bali Hi Complex comprises Bali Hi, a three-tiered house equipped with a plunge pool, indoor and outdoor showers, and Terrace with a daybed. Bali Hi Complex also has Bali Cliff and Bali Beach; both have spectacular views of the ocean

Temple House

The Temple House is made up of Temple Master and Temple Sunrise. It is also situated in the middle of the island.

Moskito Island

Moskito Island is among the most exclusive private islands globally. It is situated in the British Virgin Islands. You are promised the most exquisite hospitality experience at this island, whether you would like to have it privately or among other guests on shared parts of the island. The Moskito Island is installed with Private estates to rent, Watersports, great guest Activities, Communal spaces for guests to interact, Private dining spots, Boat excursions, and Spa treatments.

Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri is the 2021 #1 Hotel in the World in Travel + Leisure and the 2021 #1 Safari Lodge. Suppose you wish to witness the famous beast migration, then Mahali Mzuri is the best place to be. The hotel is situated in the Kenyan bushes of Maasai Mara in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. Apart from the migration, several other exciting games are always available all year.

Mont Rochelle

Suppose you find yourself in Cape Town of Franschhoek in South Africa, pay a visit to Mont Rochelle. An exquisite hotel with an accommodation of 26 stunning bedrooms. The other best thing about this beautiful part of South Africa is the availability of a traditional vineyard town in the Western Cape Province French Corner. Therefore, you will get an opportunity to relax and try out some of the best wines produced in the same region.


The beautiful Ulusaba in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve of South Africa. There are two types of accommodation options in the Ulusaba: Rock Lodge and Safari Lodge.

Safari Lodge

Safari Lodge is built in treehouses on the banks of the dry Mabrak riverbed. It gives you a feeling of enjoying life in the bush as you view wild animals’ movements as they go for a drink in the nearby water source.

Rock Lodge

Rock Lodge will give you the best view of the entire region from your room. It also has another accommodation option, Cliff Lodge, perfect for a guest that requires added privacy. It is an ideal place to bring your family for a get-a-way holiday.

Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Tamadot is situated in the mountains of Morocco. The esteemed getaway venue is
equipped with 28 rooms and suites. Each room has its beautiful individual decoration. Kasbah Tamadot has had the privilege of winning the #1 Resort Hotel in North Africa and the Middle East in the Travel + Leisure in four different years. For great relaxation in a beautiful environment, you should consider Kasbah Tamadot.

The Lodge

The Lodge Verbier is the most spectacular chalet mountain hide in the Alps of Switzerland. The Lodge is equipped with nine complete bedrooms and a suite. There is the availability of hot tubs and swimming pools within and outside and a spa therapist. You will have a great experience in both the summer and winter seasons. There are several outdoor activities and biking during summer. It is also the best place to enjoy your winter holiday for those into skiing.

Son Bunyola

Finally, we have the luxurious Son Bunyola among Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotels. A Spanish island located in Mallorca. It is equipped with three luxurious villas: Sa Terra Rotja, Sa Punta de S’Aguila, and Son Balagueret. Each private villa has a spectacular view of the Mediterranean.

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