What is Amazon Luna?

Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming technique where gamers can play games with any gadget or device they have. This means that you can stream games directly from the cloud and play them from the screen you have without necessarily having the gaming PCs or console. The only thing you must have is a screen device and strong internet access.

How to Join Luna
To join Luna, you need to have an amazon account. If you don’t have an account, go to their website and sign up. After that, you can sign in to your account. From there, you can either purchase one of the subscriptions or Play free with Prime, which you can cancel at any time. However, it is good to note that people in the US can only access this, or still, you can use a VPN.

Amazon Luna launch
Amazon Luna was first announced on September 24, 2020, and started as an invite-only access program to several people. However, after this, the company announced to make the game accessible to everyone in the United States and the extension of its accessibility to other countries has not been announced. However, through the early access phase, the game has been available to the public from March 1, 2022. In addition, some channels were unveiled on Luna and they entail bundles of games where one can subscribe monthly. These channels include;

-Prime gaming channel
In this channel, prime members have free access to a rotating selection of games on Luna. These free selections include System Redux, Devil May Cry 5, PHOGSI and Observer. Consequently, between March 8-14, 2022, Immortals Fenyx Rising is expected to be available for free to players, as stated by Amazon.

-Retro Channel
In this channel, classic games from SNK and Capcom, among other publishers, are featured. The inspiration for this is to revive the experience from those days of arcade gaming such as Metal Slug 3, Street Fight II, and Hyper Fighting, among others, as per the statement from Amazon.

Jackbox Games Channel
This channel has famous games such as Trivia Murder Party, Quilpash, and Drawful, among others. It also includes 68 Party Packs from the Jackbox game and together with the Retro channel, they cost $4.99 per month.

Devices that you can use to play on Luna
You can install the app on various devices such as PC, Mac, fire tablets or TV, android phones, iPad, or iPhone. You can use the Safari browser on iPad and iPhone or chrome browser on Android phones, Chromebook PCs and Mac. Ensure that the device you use is updated to the latest version of either Fire OS or the Android version. As a player, you experience low latency gaming from the controllers and a touch controller to mobile devices and tablets when playing on Amazon Luna. The on-screen controller is also available to casual and new gamers and this can help them check out side scrollers and trivia titles, among other features. It is good to note that Luna does not work with a regular keyboard and mouse, Xbox one controller, Razer Kishi, or Dualshock 4.

Internet speed
It is important to note that strong internet connectivity is important while playing on Luna, as the game can consume up to 10GB within an hour. Therefore the minimum internet speed recommended is usually 10mps.

Users can subscribe to Luna on monthly terms, unlike other cloud services. The family channel costs $2.99, while the primary Luna plus channel costs $5.99 per month. The family channel has more than 35 games that can be played by anyone in any age bracket and the cost is expected to change to $5.99 per month for this family channel. On the other hand, the Luna+ channel has libraries with over 100 titles and from April 1, it will be priced at 9.99 per month. There has been a significant increase in membership over time. This has come as a result of rotating selection features to Prime members, which allows them to try Luna without incurring any extra cost.

In addition, there is an option to sign up to Ubisoft+, whose monthly cost is $17.99 and this comes with the advantage of accessing high-profile titles such as Watch Dogs. They all have a resolution of as high as 1080p at 60fps, but as compared to Luna+, where you can use two devices, Ubisoft+ can only support one device at a time. There is also a Luna controller designed to be used with the service and it costs between $49.99 and $69.99.

With various features most of them are supported by Amazon Web Services(AWS). Luna cloud gaming is made for better experiences, including ease in connecting with friends, relatives and the general Twitch communities. This is enhanced by features such as;

-Twitch Live Broadcasting
With the latest update on your device, be it PC, TV, or even Mac, you can become a Twitch Broadcaster on Luna. You can use the broadcast button to stream gameplay; thus, broadcasting by camera feed to a screen becomes possible to others.

-Luna Couch
You can use this to invite friends to play various local multiplayer games through Luna channels. This can be done by just starting a Luna couch session, then creating a session code and share with other players. Using Luna Couch allows others can join even without being a Luna subscriber.

-Luna phone controller
Instead of using controllers, this uses the Luna controller app for android phones and iPhones. This can be found in app stores or the IOS.

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