Tinder Swindler – the Undoubted Truth on Women’s Addiction to Online Dating

It is never easy to find love, especially online; you constantly have to swipe to find your perfect match. Three women match with the same man, and they cannot believe it as he turns out to be the ideal man they have been dreaming of. But as we say, not all dreams are valid, and by the time they discover this man is not who he claims to be, “billionaire,” it is already too late to reverse anything. He has defrauded them of everything they had, leading them to want revenge so bad that a revenge thriller commences.

The Tinder Swindler topped on the world’s most-watched documentaries list, which was meant to enlighten people on the dirty truth behind Tinder, a favorite dating app that most people use. However, the sad fact is that individuals are still using Tinder even after the release of this intriguing documentary. The alleged swindler in the film selects his victims wisely, who are women in their early 30s who are desperately in need of love and are blinded by the word “Billionaire.” It is regrettable to think that women can fall into traps such as going ahead and choosing men they see posing on a yacht or in a helicopter or leaning against the bonnet of the latest version of Rolls Royce. A woman would go ahead and say to herself that that guy looks so lovely instead of seeing it as a red flag or perhaps viewing the guy as a scammer. It is said that both men and women fall victims to such classy profiles and end up being conned, or worse, murdered. Still, women are the victims in most instances because they are highly addicted to online dating apps. They are constantly hunting for wealthy men who can finance their desired lavish lifestyles.

The documentary reflects the undoubted truth of people’s online dating addiction, especially women. It teaches us valuable lessons that individuals need to consider when visiting these dating sites to find their perfect matches. We need to have a clear understanding that looks can be pretty deceiving. For instance, in the film, Hayut posed as a classy man through his flashy business profile and offered women luxury hotel getaways, private jet rides, and dine-in elegant restaurants. The women in the picture could not sense any fraudulent activities because Hayut treated them. The guy acted like a busy businessman with meetings and business deals now and then. However, he still created time to know more about the woman he was interested in. The sad truth is that even now, women still accept invitations from online strangers after viewing the profile and seeing that they have a classy lifestyle instead of first doing some background check and following up to know if the guy is a fraud. It is the reason behind both cases of swindling and cases of murder too, where a woman goes out with a guy who poses as a gentleman living a classy life, books them in a hotel, and does the unthinkable to her. Later the woman’s body is found in the room by the cleaner without a trace of the killer’s whereabouts; it is so sad unfortunate.

Before accepting a stranger’s offer to go out with him, you must first ensure that you earn their trust, and this means that it should take even months before accepting their offer. But no, that is not the case for most females out there. Women need to understand that dating is not a sprinting competition; instead, it is more of a marathon where both parties can test their compatibility. However, most fraudsters will do anything to make sure that they earn trust because sorry to say, women are quick to feel affectionate towards someone, even a stranger, or instead, they trust quickly without second thoughts. They need to understand that consistency and trust are the primary foundations of a successful relationship. Most women are like the victims in the film; they trust too quickly and can go to the extent of sending men their life savings and taking out huge loans to satisfy their “partners.” Women need to know how to say no, especially when their safety is at stake. There are so many red flags that one will quickly notice if the relationship is fraudulent and enable one to take the necessary steps before it is too late. But the sad fact is that most women brush off these red flags claiming that it is just their poor rationale and that all shall be well with time.

Conclusively, women need to know their self-worth and avoid falling into any love trap laid out for them. Everyone deserves a partner who treats them with love and respect over anything else, and not just as a mere toy that one can play with any time they feel like it. It is also advisable that women should avoid at any costs online dating apps to hinder them from encountering such traumatizing events, which will cost them their mental health stability. Nonetheless, our value is not decreased based on a person’s inability to see our worth and view us as valuable beings that require respect at all times.

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